My hunting activity in Portugal began as to convoy the strong yearning of partridge and thrush hunters; though in my various visits I have discovered a wonderful worth-full country and I have also discovered that here takes place a very particular and exciting wild boar hunt under the full moon.

This hunt takes place on a land of about 8000 hectares, where no hunting has ever been done due to the land-owners will. In order to not disturb or decrease the number of these hoofed animals, which are very numerous, no driven hunt is allowed.

This hunt is carried out waiting on turrets, on full moon nights (moon light hunt) and also the night following the full moon. This particularity turns to be very thrilling since often, around the turrets, very big wild boards (big bulls) come out.

In this territory and reserve, the top-records of Portugal were won as well as many wild boars with gold-metal fangs.

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