Hello! My name is Francesco but friends call me KIKKO.
I was lead into the big game hunting business for passion, which was passed on to me from my father and from his clients, which are some of today's most famous professional hunters, and from spending my teen hood in one of the most important gun shops in Rome.

I was barely ten years old, yet there was nothing more thrilling to me than to listen to hunters anecdotes, their comments of the effects of big calibres on elephants or the details of their exhausting chases after buffaloes or elephants. Growing on, hunting, weapons and ballistic became my biggest interest in life and also my life-support.

All the destinations that I normally suggest have been personally visited and tested by myself. In Tanzania I have done 11 safaris, hunting elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards and antelopes.

Moreover, I've also been hunting in Spain, Turkey, Russia, Serbia, Hungary, Mongolia, Portugal, Scotland, Italy (its alpine species are wonderful!), Namibia and Burkina Faso...

I have been literally bewitched by some of these marvellous destinations which made me decide to become partner of the local dealers, such as in Scotland, which I consider a second home.
It is about 18 years that I have been hunting across all over the world and came up to the conclusion that especially nowadays, itinerant hunters need to be offered an interesting hunting journey, a reasonable price, but above all quality and reliability; I personally advise to not rely on who proffers 100% success but instead to point to who presents real big game hunting opportunities.

If you agree with my opinions and these elements are important to you as well, you just have to turn to me!

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