Big Game Trip Gun Shop

The new Big Game Gun Shop was launched contemporarily to our web site and is located in Via dei due Ponti 212.

We are waiting for your visit as to offer you the best weaponry and hunting manufactures, such as:

  • The best brands for rifles: Sauer, Weatherby, Merkel, Ruger, Remington, Browning and Winchester
  • Optics: Zeiss, Docter binocoli Leica
  • Ammunitions for all calibres and brands of rifles
  • Dealer for Smith & Wesson, Glock and all other brands of revolvers and guns
  • Recharging powder in any quantity and kind, especially IMR, NORMA, HODGODON, B&P
  • Also available several kinds of powder for guns and revolvers

If you are interested in recharging, you will find the best for you and great professionalism!

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